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Digital Experience Review: Toca Nature

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.
John Muir
For some of us, a day spent wandering in the woods sounds quite lovely. Surrounded by nature we come alive. Throw in a […]

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Projection Visuals: Handfasting Ritual

I often find myself entranced by small moments shared with subtle elements of nature. Like when you suddenly notice the shape of a flower’s leaves or the light rustle of wind through a tree’s branches. […]

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The thing about enterprise software…

I’ve been having a visceral reaction to badly designed applications lately. And I’ve come to a conclusion on what is causing this reaction that I’d like to share:

Enterprise applications (and the like) need to meet the […]

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Fermentation Workshop @ Homestead Apothecary

I’ve been getting increasingly adventurous with the bounty from our weekly CSA box – it’s been a low-effort way to get in sync with the seasons and environment which I feel is contributing to a favorable […]

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Temescal Delight

I love the long summer days in the Bay Area. The extra daylight makes it easy to enjoy the weather and scenery on afternoon walks around Temescal. The scents are amazing and I’m developing an appreciation […]

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The Fog Rolls Into Oakland

When I think of fog I always remember one specific moment in my childhood. I had just been dropped off at school early, an hour to 45mins before all the other kids got there. And […]

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Noir City Mood

I love the energy of San Francisco as it transitions on any given Friday from afternoon to night. Cue Karl the Fog, lurking to the west. Next the twinkling of lights along the hills and bridges. A […]

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The Church of Creative Technology

Photo Diary Entry for January 8, 2015. Gray Area Creative Code Education Showcase at the Grand Theater, 2665 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA.

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West Coast Craft 2014

“West Coast Craft is a craft and design show featuring carefully selected designers, artists, and craftspeople inspired by the mood and aesthetics of the West Coast lifestyle. Cool but sunny, laid back yet innovative, they represent […]

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