Fermentation Workshop @ Homestead Apothecary

I’ve been getting increasingly adventurous with the bounty from our weekly CSA (community supported agriculture) box – it’s been low-effort way to get in sync with the seasons and environment which I feel is contributing to a favorable tide in my life. Something else that has been intriguing as a potentially low effort, passive-ish process with a (hopefully) yummy yield is fermenting. So when I saw Homestead Apothecary in Temescal was holding an “Art of Fermentation” workshop, I thought it would be a good way to finally dip my toes in!




The process itself is pretty simple. If you are interested in learning take a look at the Wild Fermentation website by Sandor Katz. We left with two jars of prepared veggies ready to ferment! One was organic carrots , garlic and dill with mineral salt brine water, and the other with cabbage also with mineral salt brine. The salt brine made really lovely pinkish brown cloudy water.

The workshop was facilitated by ceramic artist and fermented food enthusiast Sarah Kersten. We got to use her beautiful ceramic pieces in the workshop and check out the giant wood pestle – also made by a local craftsman. Sarah prides herself on making functional heirloom quality ceramics. I will definitely be adding some of her pieces to our kitchen soon!


Nature’s Noise

The latest installment in the free wallpaper project is a here and ready to complement the (hopefully) rainy season in the Bay Area. I couldn’t find a crop I liked for the device wallpapers, there were many possibilities depending on which element was resonating the most with at any given time (yes, I test drive all the wallpapers on all my devices!) so feel free to download the full version and crop away to your liking. Enjoy!

Downtown San Francisco

I found myself in downtown San Francisco for a Vincent Laforet cinematography workshop. The venue was near Powell and Sutter in Union Square and one of the first hotels I stayed at when I started traveling to SF regularly for work (prior to moving to Oakland): The Rex Hotel. I love all the boutique themed hotels in SF and appreciate being just a BART ride away from all the city’s hustle and bustle.






Edited with VSCO Film: Polaroid 669, Kodak BW400CN, Fuji FP-300b, Fuji Neopan 400

Wedding Ritual Visuals

I often record find myself entranced by small moments shared with subtle elements of nature. Like when you suddenly notice the shape of a flower’s leaves or the light rustle of wind through a tree’s branches.

In addition to complementing the wedding theme (nature and ritual) the visuals were commissioned to extend the ceremony setting (in a circle of redwood trees in a wooded area) into the reception. I wanted the slow pace, repetition, and lack of camera movement to lull the viewing into a contradictory mindset: both at peace but humming with life.

Here is a sample from a 30 minute loop was projected as background visuals at a wedding reception. These were custom created from a wedding which was a fusion of Ukrainian and Irish/Celtic rituals. The wedding colors were purple and green.